I try to stay positive and not get down on things, but I really do wonder what my purpose here is, being born with the disabilities that I was, I try to understand why, whats the point. I sometimes think that my life is unfair and given the chance to change it I would so fast.
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you are changing it your here and inspiring others that they can live and over come almost any thing your trying to live like any other person that desires a full life, even with disabilities your a winner

Thank you for your kind words, :)

Today I slip and fell, people around me kept saying you are injured but I didn't feel pain, couple of hours later I received and exam score which was slightly below average and started crying...is much the same you have to discover your life spiritually in christ..cos everything seen physical will fade..+Only our life in christ will remain what breaks you isn't the unfair things in life (I had read) but its your ability to grow spiritually

totally understandable feeling WCW, Many folks have that feeling who don't have anywhere near the challenges you have to deal with daily!

Chat with you later baby!

If you think- therefore you are, then your purpose is to live.
Your purpose is to breathe- to exist. If everyone was born needing wheels, you wouldn't feel so different. Therefore, make the difference stay outside of your mind. Who cares if people don't feel like you fit in. It didn't stop Hawkings, Keller or others. They realized that humanity is not about how others perceive you, but how you perceive yourself. And ultimately, the person with the strongest vision, the strongest will, the most stubborn succeeds in the end. So make life be about being who you want to become. And if you don't think thats possible, create a way (no matter hoe big the scheme) to make yourself become that person.
The only reason you want to change your life is because of what you see others doing- being that you think you can't.
Robin Williams seemed to have everything, but he is no longer with us. Thats proof that you're allowing your mind to attack yourself. So your purpose...

To live.

(no matter how big the scheme)

thanks for giving me something to think about.