A Password Junkie

And more or less if my walls could talk it would probably disgustingly say. . .
"Stop using different Password to every sites you want to be member and join.
You'll just eventualy either forget it or lose it anyway ! " (ouch)

Yes it was when I can't even log-in to my PC. Because the the password to unlock it,
which I made to myself, won't work. That I need to re-set everything from the start.
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3 Responses Nov 4, 2011

Id like to thank somebody for password keeper app for my phone. 6 numbers or 8 numbers, numbers and symbols, numbers and letters, caps.Frustrating

Well Outmymind, with all this convenient sources flooding the internet, I hope you can also find what suits you best.

I record all passwords in a file and also my computer remembers my passwords so normally I do not have a problem with them. It is dangerous to use the same password for different sites and with the hacking going on today I use a different one for each site I am on. Even with that, I did have my e mail hacked into once and only noticed it when I went to log in and couldn't get in. I went to on line help and found that my account had been hacked and the provider noticed it before me and then put a new, temporary password on it. They gave me that password that got me in to my account and then I just changed to a new password. Had I had the same password for all my accounts, who ever hacked in to my e mail could have then gotten into every site I have.

Surely I'm thinking of changing them all to one, the same password. And also with the risk that goes with it. Thank you for Mach for (also) sharing your opinion.

I agree that remembering passwords is a little difficult. Just a suggestion, open a word document file, you can just note down the url of all the sites, mention the password against it and save it. Note down all the passwords in this document so that when you are lost, you can just open this page and check the password. <br />
However, make sure that the word document is also password protected and please dont forget the password of this particular file. Hope this helps my dearest friend.

aww so sexii. (thanks)