I'm Doomed

My wall would say that I'm a pathetic wimp. I have let people and especially men physically, mentally and emotionally abuse me because my father did and I grew to expect it. Wish I had another way out but I know I'm doomed. It will never change because I am not strong enough to make that happen.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Thank you for your positive comments and thoughts. Things are going well now thanks to some anti depressants. I have my life back and feel good about most things. Hate to rely on drugs but so be it. BTW I've been diagnosed with bi polar (no surprise!).

Most pathetic wimps became that way because it is a technique that has worked for them in the past. Is this you? And to say that you are "doomed" and cannot change is false....yes you can, but that you are so comfortable with the pathetic wimp way of dealing with life, that you cannot see yourself performing out of character. When your are ready to take that leap, but feel afraid to do it, you will come to a point where you think "I have to close my eyes and jump--because the alternative is worse" ..and when you do, girl , we will all be here to catch you.

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Came across your post and want to send some positive energy to you tonight so you know that I care about what you are thinking and going through. <br />
<br />
No matter our ages, or status in life, we have to believe that we deserve happiness and take care of the most important person in our universe .. OURSELVES.<br />
Others will take pieces of us and not pay attention to the most important things we say.<br />
BUT .... we have free choice and don't have to accept that from anybody. <br />
You are a worthy person and I know that, just from your writings. <br />
Blessings Tonight,<br />

If your walls could talk they would say"lay off the acid man"