What Does Normal Mean???

all through my life, i have often wondered what it means to be normal, or to be a normal person!! now in my mind, without doubt, there are only 2 types of people in this world!! there's "me" and then there's everyone else!!! i dont see myself as being better than anyone else, and i dont see myself as being inferior to anyone else, so does this mean im normal??? im not so sure!!! if thats not what normal is, then what "is" normal??

im also a loner, and spend lots more time to myself than i do around other people!! now that in so many ways is seen as "not" normal by a lot of people these days, but yet everybody fully admits to at least needing some time to themselves, so how can spending time to yourself be seen as "not" normal??? especially when the only difference is that everybody likes to spend different amounts of time to themselves, to some people they would like a little time to themselves, but to others,they would like a lot more time to themselves,so how much time spent on your own, would you consider to be normal,when everyone's different???

people say i look normal, but what does that mean, when everyone looks different??? everyone has different features, and a different body structure, so how can i look normal???

all too often i hear women talking about men, and saying that they are all "bastards", but yet, im not a bastard, so does this mean that im not normal?? i know a few other guys that arent "bastards", so does this mean that they arent normal, simply cos some women believe all men "are" "bastards"??

just cos i dont follow all the fashions, and buy all the clothes that are in fashion, and i just buy clothes that "i" like, wether they are in fashion or not, does this mean im not normal???

just cos i dont enjoy doing most of the things that other people enjoy doing, like drinking or partying and socialising, does this make me not normal, just cos i dont want to do things in my life, that i dont enjoy doing, as much as other people do???

so this brings up the question "what is normal?"

now "i" dont think i can answer this question, cos not only do i not see myself as being normal, but i dont want to be normal!!! i want to be different, but still be seen as someone who has time for everyone, and doesnt consider himself any better than anyone else!! i dont want to be like anyone else, and i dont want to look like anyone else, i just want to be remembered for being me, its who i am, and i will never change, for anyone!!! now i might be normal, or i might not be normal, i dont even know what normal means, but one thing's for sure, i always strive  to be the best person i know that i can be!!!!

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

wtf normal
are makeing words up again?...

ok :/
u do that bro
and if the world dont like you?
it can go **** itself


you're ok, I mean, nothing in life can be reduced to black or white because nature shows all the time that what's common is change and variety. There's nothing more devastating than labels, in my opinion, however as we are living in certain contexts and have ideas in our minds that society or the media has induced us to believe, we tend to do that so I would say that what's "healthier" is to be what one wants to be, or what one feels in one's heart, in other words to forget about normal or not normal and just be honest to what one's heart says one should and wants to do. Also, your questions are absolutely right and one should ask those questions periodically too.