I Want To Be Honest

I think about my online lover or real life lover. I think about the seductive mail that I just read from them. I would read their fetish and enjoy dreaming about it while I am pleasing myself.

Don't think I am alone in this one. I hear the same from my EP friends.

SunnyBelle SunnyBelle
26-30, F
11 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I like to think about stories I have read, posted photos but especially messeges from EP friends.<br />
But I am still waiting for one from you Sunny

i think about very naughty things that i like to do or would like to do, most of the times involving people i know orf have met somehow.<br />
<br />
the phansatises change everytime.

Bonnie, All sorts of things push my buttons, just look and my profile. The one thing it doesnt mention is the love and affection of a sensual and sexy but classy lady. That's in some of my stories.<br />
To feel desired is a good start, especially by someone like you. Your man dshould be charged all the time with you as his wife.

I am usually thinking about my wife. Its a real fantasy because I dont get to do it for real.

Roxanne.. that's good to hear. Give us an example of pushing your buttons, I'll try it on my guy and see if pushing buttons charges him up a little. lol.

I often think about my online lover especially when she sends me sensual messages. She is a very desirable and sexy lady and knows how to push my buttons. All power to you Bonnie.

I always pleasing my self while reading or writing to my friends on EP , giving loving head to woman is my favorite position , the best thing man can ever gives to his woman is to welcom her *** immediately by his waiting mouth it is the best tribute to her i think specially when she worths it , it makes this moment in memory forever

I love being given a good head, I would lock his head in my thighs cross my legs pull his hair and pull his face into me and quiver as I scream while climaxing. What a feeling. AJ, you sound like you know how to please a woman. What about F***ing another woman when you doing with the one you are with.

I think about being with a lover, watching her ********** as she watchs me. Sometimes I think about going down on a woman and hearing her moan, feeling her thighs shake against my head, feeling her hands pulling me deeper inside her. Feeling her *** with my fingers inside her. That gets me all hot and hard.

If someone is watching I think about whether they are enjoying the view. If no one is watching I think about how I wish someone was watching.

Usually doing something new or kinky with my wife