Seeing Other Women In Panties

l get so turned on seeing other women in panties, seeing how they cling to her, and I love seeing another girls butt in tight panties, either thong, bikini, boyshorts, a nice butt looks good in any type of panties. Its just something that has always turned me on, growing up doing sleepovers in just panties with my friends, changing for gym, or going over to friends who have pools and changing into our swimsuits together, it was always just natural to sit around in just our bras and panties, if only my friends knew how much it turned me on to see them in there panties. I love looking at pictures of other woman in panties, it gets me so wet, panties are just so erotic and sexy and I love seeing myself in the mirror in sexy panties. I am the type of girl who would be sitting next to you at the computer browsing pictures of girls in panties, heck maybe you would be the one sitting next to me and I would be the one sitting in front of the computer choosing the pictures of girls in panties we looked at.

Today I am wearing a light purple thong, its microfiber fabric, I love that fabric it stretches and clings to you and feels so silky. I love how my *** looks in a thong, love seeing myself in the bathroom mirror and my sexy cheeks.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
Dec 13, 2012