define peace !, for me peace is only word is not real and its not exist , why would human grieving for peace when it's impossible to achieve it ? there's no way we can get this peace .i always see opinion that "there's a peace if there's no religion or country" so let's imagine that there's no more religion and country we all live in This "world", is poverty will gone ? racism will gone ? Discrimination will gone ? i think not , As long there's "MONEY" and "HUMAN" there's no thing that called "PEACE", and Human will be forced to join this one world ,they will think of revenge for their own country and religion, will human "DESIRE" will change ? NO , there's always a human that will bring up war, let's remember that human desire is infinite, for me "PEACE= END" peace only exist on the end , all end there will be peace , death is peace.
SadManInSadWorld SadManInSadWorld
22-25, M
Aug 16, 2014