People Often Lack Introspection But...

I have always kind of hoped I would meet a kindred spirit that views people as more than the mere sum of their parts. Someone who could delve into the very essence of my being. Someone that looks beyond the obvious and can discover the treasures that lie beneath the surface. Human beings are indeed visual creatures but our looks are just one aspect in a much broader picture. Why is that kind of person so elusive?
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3 Responses May 3, 2012

i think most people do see things like that unless they've never had an intelligent thought

I think that's partially why people (myself included) study psychology. Looks are less than 5% of a person in my opinion, and I barely ever delve on the physical. A person's mind and spirit are what make them...well...THEM. Take that out and you have a shell. Yes, there are people who can dig into your mind and find out who you truly are. My boyfriend and I do it as a hobby, actually. Try getting really close to a psychology student (or students) or making friends with someone very intellectual and introspective. Someone that cares a lot about the internal workings of a person. Heck, you can be close to me and I'd more than enjoy finding out your inner workings and telling you all about them ^___^

Wao bb u are deep, i like to be da dip in u