I Wonder What People Think Of Me As.

I really don't know. Part of me is good. and part of me likes to do drugs and party and steal and all that bulllshit,
I don't know if i look like i like to party. I wonder If I look like I am depressed from people who don't know me. or do I to people who do know me.

tsafbrat tsafbrat
1 Response May 9, 2012

You make me think of a character in my novel I just finished writing. He is good and he is bad. He finds out he has to fight to be what he wants to be. People around us, the ones that care for us, see us as we are in ways we don't realize.<br />
<br />
At the same time we can hide things from them. <br />
<br />
The hiding of things doesn't matter until you decide who you want to be. It is then that the fight begins and there are casualties. I hope that you're not a casualty. ba<x>sed on what you've said above, I don't think you'll be a casualty. I think you care about others and recognize the need to be what you want to be. Then look for those that are looking at you honestly and giving you good feedback. In a battle you look for the edge to win. Good luck.