What Do You Actually See?

What do people see when their eyes open in the morning? What do people see when they see people breathing do they see them breathing the same air as them or do they see everyone in there own little bubble? At school when they see someone cry and cower away from the world, do they see that they are hurting? That they are victim? Or do they see just a target? When they turn on the TV and watch the news does one thing change their view on everything? When they see different races do they see equality? When the world, do they even see with they with their own eyes or see what they want to see?

I can tell you what I see, when I wake up the morning I look mirror I see the past inflicting my future. When I see people I see them as living brothers and sisters even if I don't know their name. When see someone cry and hide themselves away the world, I see no target I see a friend needing a hand and someone to talk to. When I turn on the TV and watch the new I don't think just one changes my mind, like when I see teens hurting other people I don't think their all the same or when I see a war and they mention the enemies I know there is victims on the other just like out side. When I see different races, different colours of skin, I see equals, they are people I ain't no hater am a believer, everyone is their own person. Finally when I see the world I look through my own eyes, I keep in mind what I have told but I know most of it is just s lie. The world is changing everyday I watch these changes and I see not I want to see, I see the truth of the world and I see the people.

What do you see?
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1 Response Oct 20, 2012

I see my mate,holding me close,kissing me. I have him,but I don't. He's my mate,but he's not here. I wish he was. That's what I see.