What Would They Think If They Could See Into My Heart

I sometimes wonder what people would think if they could see all my downfalls , the things i would never admit to anyone .. and what do they see when they look at me .. do they think im pretty ?? would they really want to know me .?? or is it all a facade .. the friendliness , the compliments , will they see through my wall .?? or find me intimidating by my bluntness ... Will they think im a ***** ... but what would it take for them to really know me ?? or would they want to .
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
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3 Responses Jun 4, 2007

sometimes youre downfalls are just threads that link you to countless others .. you may not realize all the good that people see on first glance becuase many of us can not do that or imagine too .. i know how scary it is . to trust or to belive youre worth it but you probally cant realize how much you have to offer untill someone reminds you of it ..but i know how you feel , my BDD CONSUMES me in every which way imaginable .. just remember you can hold youre own ..

I agree with you... I find those questions consuming me when I am in a crowd or meeting people for the first time. I am not sure if it is arrogance in my belief of my individualism or a low self esteem. Either way I think I am just fine when people like me for me.

Sometimes it is best to just live and let go of those kinds of concerns. No small feat, especially if you get in the habit of asking yourself those sorts of defeatist questions. Hope you feel better, look for positives in everything.