Worlds Apart.

Each of our visions are unique.

As you read these words, you bring to them eyes that have seen so, so many things; you set these words amongst the many billions of phrases that swirl through your head; your past and your present are a lens that focus and then scatter these ideas like sunlight through an upheld prism.

Even if we could both stand in the same place, and look at the simplest, most elementary and plain thing, we would see something different, unique to each of us - the world shifts by our very action of observing it.

So, I wonder. How do you see the world? How is different from mine? Its flavours, colours, richness - it's as if each one of us rewrites the universe in our own poetry, constantly and always.
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I think by the end of the first paragraph i had made up my mind that i'd be 'hearting this'

Perception is reality.

i just wonder where my happiness , my agony , my tears had disappeard.i have been taught that after the mountain comes the easy land and aftre any obstacle there must be a relief period ; but what a distiny that carring me from a front to another , from hard to worse, and most strange thing that i keep my laugh my well , ami insan or extraordinary man , i can't realy unfold that mystery.

And that is why I don't understand how people can judge one another when you don't have the slightest ideea whats going on in another persons world.

i see that everything and everyone have a story of their own. And nothing is what we think they are, but parts of them we know they are.

i see faces in every thing i look at. i am an artist and i draw people so if a look at a tree i could see a man a woman a child and so on.

People do actually exist outside your head - you are not watching a movie. Not all of them are lonely, (although you will certainly find many lonely people on this site). The vast majority of them are not interested in what others see, only in determining if others are willing to listen to them.

When I get to thinking about this I begin to wonder if anyone else is actually seeing, or if I'm the only one who exists, with everyone else in my head. Then I feel very lonely, go online, and find that if in fact there are other people that exist, they're all very lonely too. And they're all thinking about what everyone else sees.

Heady stuff. You have identified a challenge I face daily as a writer, because language is such an imprecise tool. Even when I use a generic word like "chair" or "spoon" - you do not see what I see. When we raise the stakes with words like "justice" or "grace" - it becomes nearly impossible to imagine what the reader sees. One can labor endlessly to achieve precision in writing and other art forms, but yes, the audience will always arrive at the station with baggage, and God knows, I have baggage of my own.<br />
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I see the world as an impossibly perfect heaven adrift in a cold, limitless, and inhospitable sea of darkness, rapidly being destroyed by the only animal so stunningly stupid as to foul its own nest.