On the Other Side

I used to wonder all the time if people saw what I saw in myself. I think I developed that wonder because I see people so clearly. It's always come natural to me to be able to look past what people act like and see who they really are. I'm good about being truthful to myself and admitting my genuine feelings even if its hard to do so. It makes it easy to recognize what the truth is in other people too. I've had people confess things to me before, about themselves and who they felt they were in their hearts, and how they felt people didn't understand what they meant or what they wanted. My response was always "I know, I've known all along", and they always seemed suprised. So from the other side of things, is it a rare thing to be able to see through people so well ?
jynxi000 jynxi000
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1 Response Aug 13, 2007

Ironically it seems that people who can see beyond the surface, are also so in-tuned to others that they will often not speak of their knowledge. <br />
It can be strange at times to know more, hear more than what you have been told.<br />
As a measure of self-protection I seldom use it, except with certain people that you meet and know right away. Stay back.<br />
With friends and family I have found it can be so helpful for them when they want to open up but feel unsure. It's like somewhere they know, that speaking the truth is really only acedemic with me.