Yes - i wonder what people really think of me, people who've read some of my stories/confessions/questions, and people who are my friends and so have also seen my scenic photos of local places 0:)

And i wonder whether any of you will bother telling me - perhaps you're too polite ;D
Lol :)
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I do agree you are adventurous. Passionate and caring. You try to life your life as you want and care about what others think and feel. You are also friendly and open.
That is a great person!!

Thank you :D
When i posted this story i wasn't expecting such positive comments ;)

I guess you do not realize how good a person you are!

Hell no! i think i'm totally boring when i'm not feeling bitchy - and i lack self-control to an astonishing degree ;D
i'm pretty sure my Master could think of a million negative points about me - He's the one trying to 'improve' me after all - but i believe He's too polite to tell everyone! =O
HOPE might be a better word than believe ;)