I appear like a happy go lucky wild and care free smiley girl but open me up and you will see a messed up damaged girl it's sad really I wanna be what everyone sees but I can't seem to be her
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I know that too. I want to be the person I fake to be. I have every reason on the world be/act happy, yet like you, my insides are so smashed, I find it hard to get up over and over again and just shake it of. A lifetime of abuse and neglect is hard to erase overnight.

I Definately agree!!

You're far from alone, we all have a different, however minuscule mask for every other person. It's instinctive and we can seldom do anything to alter that. It's unconscious. Its automatic.it also can be unhealthy. We usually keep it in check by finding a soulmate, someone to be frank and open with.
Take Care.

Be yourself!
Don't worry about what other people think. All u have to do is be who YOU want to be.

You are unique in your own way it doesn't matter what pepole see but I seem all shy but I'm not I'm realy sarcastic and I stand up for my freind s when they need me I am loyal I'm not scared of you at all!

I need to love the girl within me

I kind of have the same problem .... I some times feel like its a mask ... So maybe that's not really me ... So I think yo should show people how you really are and stop trying to be her ... You'll only bring yourself down more every time you don't reach her ...

Be persistent.