I have no idea if I can get any support here. I suffer with body dysmorphic disorder. This has affected my life for over ten years. Right now I'm suffering badly and have barely left the house in 6 weeks because I feel so disgusting. I don't come across many people that truly understand and have suffered a lot of rejection over the years. I've never spoken to or met anyone else with the same condition. I feel like life is carrying on without me and I hate it but what I see in the mirror stops me from living. I just want someone to talk to that won't judge me or tell me I'm being silly
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I am not trans but, I want you to know that it's a proven fact that 75% or attraction is how people carry themself. It's not really about how we look, one day we will all be old and one day die, it's about what we do in our lifetime. I somtimes look at my self and cry. What I do is go and valnteer. To get my mind off it. Life is not all about looking good

I know how u feel.. That ******* mirror always made me feel nervous to be in public..

I'm happy if you feel you can or want to unload but can not help as I do not know how you feel But can listen.

i am in the same position

So you actually understand how I feel? It's so hard when the mirror tells you that you are not good enough. Any slight imperfection on my face looks ugly and disgusting and I want it gone so badly that I attack my skin and make everything worse. I've missed out on so many things in my life because of the way I feel about my skin. No one ever seems to understand. Do you have any support?

yes,a little. if u want to feel better.u can check out my featured story. many people gave support to that. u can read some of them and feel better.