I have meet a Disable children Bus Attendant. Speak no or a very little English. From Rural Village of Bangladesh. NO school. Married 2 children. Has a OCD and Bi POLAR husband. Taken care of Households during the day. That is what people see. Behind her MUSK.. She is a Mafia Qu!nn1.
A MOB Mistress. And Supplies HO for her Cousin Brothel in PA. She is a Deadliest Sneak any ordinary woman would encounter in their life. I wish She would took her Musk when I met her. She and her Mother fooled me totally.
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 2, 2014

Stop this

Excuse me? R you her client? She is a Professional. She does her business by online posting. She is a the MOB QUEEN. Ask her Sasatr, Partner, Facktard Fryal.