Still Trying... =(

I'm big on self=improvement so basically ever since i can remember, i have always trried to see myself through others eyes and i just can't fully do that. I guess i would be needing an out of body experience or something for that, but... i just don't know. Any Advice?

lualee lualee
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3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Hey im the same way lol heres a trick. take nothing for granted if yu think something to be tru ex. ppl like it when i make this joke (bad example i know) think it over, and once u decide, still dont think of it as an absolute truth, go back to it after more experience, thats the way i am, play the devils advocate even if your sure your right. alot of selfimprovement can been done alone.. but this isnt foolproof, you will look over things for sure.. and having just discovered this site, i think it is a great place to improve yourself, just share things and get others opinions, trust me it helps... well, hope this helps lol

Yeah, I guess... =/

hmm sadly not =/ lol! though i would also love to know what i am truly like to another being but i guess that's one thing in life we will never get the pleasure of knowing =).