Double The Fun

One of the Reasons that I am not terribly fond of going out to clubs and bars is the FACT that I draw attention. Sometimes it's from people I know, many times its people whom think that they (or would like an opportunity to get to) know me.

When random people attempt to solicit a conversation from can (and it will) make me feel uncomfortable and possibly awkward.
Why do you ask awkward?
Well, I have a silent and undetected disability...I am part deaf. In a loud and crowded, often noisy atmosphere, it becomes near Impossible for me to carry on a sensible line of communication/conversation.
I can see it now, I will be answering questions that were never asked...a recipe for awkwardness, and possibly, a troubled result.
Fill in the blanks...

Last night, was the first time in about a month that I went out...
The last event was a crazy Halloween party on the Estate of a Billionaire. That night about a half dozen women attempted to reel me in with some sort of pick up line...
All in all, I caved back into my's quiet and contained there...unhooking my entire way back...

Either way, last night...
I met my coworkers at a nightclub called Wall Streets in Haupauge. Loud and crowded...I felt cluttered as if we were all stuffed inside a can of sardines.

I saw the two of them from across the short bar at the back end of the night club (which was the quietest and least crowded area)....Megan and Patricia.
Both attractive, petite and in shape women. Megan is a short blonde Irish woman. She works as a social worker, and on the weekends she does a little modeling. Patricia is a local physician. She is even shorter then Megan. A Chinese woman who is undoubtably...attractive and in excellent physical shape. I met the women a few months back...and I was instantly attracted to them...but I kept my distance, since I was under the impression that they were both in committed relationships. Needless to say, whenever I would see them...I would playfully flirt with them.
(I know, I am such the Tease...Olympia always tells me).

I had it in mind, to eventually make it over to them and greet the ladies.
I never got the pleasure...Megan snuck up on me...
"How can I convince the most handsome man to come over and keep Pat and I company?"
Sharp line I thought...
She leans into me, on her tippy toes...I duck down and we meet half way she plants a small kiss on my right cheek.
"Come on", she says as she tugs on my right hand.
Of course, I will go now...
But, not just yet...
I run into about a dozen more people that I recognize...
A half hour goes on by...ok, it's time to go find Pat and Megan.

I catch them off guard, snacking on a plate of appetizers. I not only, see...but I sense the shock on Pat's face.
"Hi Pat", I greet her and gently kiss the crown of her head.
Pat, nervously shoves another piece of finger food in her mouth. Her eyes wide, I swear she looks as if she's about to choke from her anxiety, using food as a coping mechanism when socially interactioning in a public setting with a man she barely knows.
"We'll, Mr Gorgeous, tell me are you married or involved? Are you Hetero?" My, my I think to myself, Megan goes right after her target...aggressively.
"I'm not married, nor involved...and Yes, I only prefer women." Her face lights up with a sweet glow.
"Look at this face", as she grips my chin. "Will you pose in a picture with me?"
"Of course I will Megan." Even though, I hate...hate...hate being in pictures! One reason being, I am so un-photogenic...
Snap, snap, snap with her cell. "Huh", she scoffs...delete, delete, delete. She didn't like them (I told you so Megan). Better for me though, another faceless Facebook day!
"So, tell me about your self Konstantine."
I start off by letting her know that I am Greek...
"Damn it, damn it and damn it." Her exact response. "My mother warned me about Greeks. She told me that they stick to there own kind."
(Yes, her mother informed well...but, I am your typical nothing)
"Why is it that I am always attracted to Greek men? Pat, did you know that he's Greek."
"I sure did."
Megan turns to me, "ever date anyone Chinese?"
"No." Simple answer. Almost, maybe actually. I had a date lined up tonight with a Chinese woman (her name is Kelly and she looks like Lucy Lu) to watch the Shaolin Monks at the Staller Center. Kelly texted me just before to tell me she woke up feeling sick. See that, the answer is still an emphatic no.
(I am not prejudice, but I prefer Caucasian women)
Megan grabs my hands and tugs on it twice, "come and dance with Pat and I."
I pull my hand back and slyly smile, "maybe". Megan giggles.
"You're either shy or playing hard to get."
I think neither...I need to get home before I get spotted with two involved women.
I lean and whisper in Megan's ear, "isn't Pat married?"
"Oh, No, she's not. She is kinda seeing some guy from
Manhattan." She turns to Pat and whispers in her ear...
She turns back to me, "don't worry, I am Only saying Good things about you to Pat." She smiles at me...
The girls shuffle off onto the dance floor...coltishly attempting to seduce me with their stares...energetically swaying their hips... "Come on big boy" I wait until they vanish from my field of view... I quickly hit up the coat check guy...I figure I better split before I get into trouble.
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Dec 2, 2012