Does Anyone Ever Use This Option?

I recently got a couple of tokens from a friend.  It was odd, I didn't expect anyone to take me seriously when I set my status message in "what are you doing now?".  I was only joking (because I can be silly at times) when I said I wanted to become EP token rich.  But here I am with these tokens and I find myself not really knowing what to do with them.  One thing I certainly want is to create a home-made gift for that special someone who sent them to me.  They were so selfless in their giving,  I want to do something special for them in return.  Not for the sake of repayment but just because I want to.  Who wouldn't want to hug a special friend when they receive a hug?????

Anyway....I want to know have you've ever received and EP tip?


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7 Responses Mar 24, 2009

oh jasmin, honey.... I am telling you the truth when I say that there are some very wonderful people here on EP. They do whatever they can to cheer up, encourage or congratulate a friend. I'm very lucky to have found EP and to have the friends I have in my circle. And that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

i so agree with you friend i myself have experienced such kindness from complete strangers that i don't even feel like calling them strangers ... But yeah i wont mind some 1 giving me few token cuz i really want o put up more pictures of me and ep is restricting it to just 10 pics :(

Well it sounds like there are some really generous people here on ep, anyway!

aaaawww man! that does kind of tick me off. Token are hard to come by even for the sponsors. I use them a lot to send homemade gifts. So my tokens are disappearing like socks in the dryer. <br />
<br />
You are a giver and that is the best way to live.

I'm glad you got an idea. I bet they will really appreciate it. You're such a good friend. They're lucky.

I have not received an EP tip, but I would like to "give" one. I think that is something I would like to do for someone. Thanks ICL<br />

Its awesome! I have another profile and I just got $5 worth. I am shocked and surprised in a good way.

No, but I would love to!