I'm Not Lonely Anymore

I spent my whole life alone.  I never had a long term close friend, never had a friend who really understood me.  The friends I did have often mocked me and I always worried that they didn't really like me.  This continued until I realised aged 18 I had a deep seated aching lonliness, and I couldn't see how it would ever go away.  Then I met my boyfriend.  I remember when we first met I was obsessed with the idea he didn't like me.  He's a very serious figure who always speaks his mind.  However, within weeks we had this conversation and I don't know what it was, but I loved him that night, and very soon afterwards we began our relationship.  I was never able to cope before then and was, frankly, pathetic.  Over the course of our relationship I've realised I handle difficult situations, I don't feel the need to run from problems anymore and whatsmore I am very excited about the future.  It hit me in this time that I am happy.  No matter what's wrong in my life, I am truely happy.  I am not lonely anymore, and I wish I could think of a decent antonym because that's the state I'm in now.  For everybody who's still lonely, don't despair! It's worth hanging on to find that one person who will love you, and then you won't have to be alone anymore.
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Lucky you. I'm still lonely. Congrats.

The antonym for loneliness is euphoric...<br />
<br />
The movie "Marty" which received the 1954 best picture Oscar will show you the nature of these two extremes. It has always been my favorite movie, and I was able to obtain a DVD of it last year at a Best Buy store.

Thankyou. :) But I think it is you that needs the hugs. I'm sure the one is out there waiting for you and that you'll find them soon.

What a truly wonderful story you have shared! I hope that someday, before I am too old this will happen to me. Hugs.....!