People Eating Tastey Animals

Have the never tried bacon?
kaylieeva kaylieeva
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Some jews eat bacon.

Yep, bacon is so good, so versatile, and so accessible...yummy!

Bacon lover too, are you 4 real, it seems that you are too good to be true

Bacon is like meat candy!

Bacon is the universal language for happiness!

mmmm....bacon. Just keep an apron handy for the cooking

Bacon fixes EVERYTHING!!!!

<p>Much of modern culture encourages psychological dysfunction. Dysfunctional groups that cause trouble are celebrated and promoted by the media because disruption is "news." They hate good normal people because good normal people are not "news." So PETA and other nut jobs are promoted by the media.</p>

But, disposing of the grease can be a hassle.

It is a ***** to cook naked too


Invest in a splatter screen...hahaha

bacon is worth throwing some clothes on temporarily

An apron and nothing else is a delightful look

I've reached the age and physique where I worry about fat.

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