"ahhhhhhhhhhhh" Fustrating

my life feels so stagnent. well whats new about that "right". well
but i dont let it get to me normaly
i see my life as a book and there are chapters that we live through, so i have recently finished a chapter and standing at a cross road
and am wondering about the next chapter, i dont think about the future and mostly live in the present and also have not found my calling as well
Wow, i am down right fustrated "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
i like to paint so i was thinking to start doing that again but than i chicken out, i am one of those people who are "jack of all master of nothing"
i just dont know what to do or what life will bring to me
life is full of suprise
it has alredy played a good share on me
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Jul 11, 2010