"ahhhhhhhhhhhh" Fustrating

my life feels so stagnent. well whats new about that "right". well
but i dont let it get to me normaly
i see my life as a book and there are chapters that we live through, so i have recently finished a chapter and standing at a cross road
and am wondering about the next chapter, i dont think about the future and mostly live in the present and also have not found my calling as well
Wow, i am down right fustrated "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
i like to paint so i was thinking to start doing that again but than i chicken out, i am one of those people who are "jack of all master of nothing"
i just dont know what to do or what life will bring to me
life is full of suprise
it has alredy played a good share on me
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1 Response Jul 11, 2010

Maybe, sometimes you don't need to try to make life happen. Sometimes you don't need to plan. When you are at a crossroads, there are three directions. Today, just do something for yourself. Try painting, but just paint. Don't try to paint, don't plan on anything, and don't plan to paint for a reason or a person. Just paint. Be you. No matter how hard you try, tomorrow will be there. When you wake, do something again. One day, you will wake wanting to do something because you enjoy it. Maybe, just maybe you don't need to find your calling or destiny. It's within you, and it will find you. Just don't wait for it, don't try so hard to find it. Enjoy the next chapter a little at a time, just one step, one day and enjoy it. Soon, you will find yourself doing something you always enjoy and if others like it great. If not, so what, you enjoyed that chapter and who knows what is coming next. Please, just go easy on yourself and enjoy what gifts you have. Don't try to make them work for you. Just enjoy them...