It's Been One Helluva Year.

I wonder, sometimes, about the phrase 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade'.  It sounds like it should be such an easy thing to do, doesn't it?  I'd like to share with you how I do it, off and on...
A little of what's happened to me this year has been; suffering badly with bpd and depression, losing 2 friends who were closer than family, having the social services take away my beautiful babies and fighting tooth and nail to get them back, been on a rainy, stressful holiday and now, my Grandad has passed.  He died on Wednesday.  He brought me up until I was 8 and was the father who loved and accepted me, the only one I really had.  Imagine my sadness.
How do you get through? One tiny detail at a time. One problem at a time. One situation at a time. Cry when you need to.  Laugh as often as you can.  Give and receive love from those special to you, whoever they may be and let yourself be you, don't be hard on yourself.
I guess I just wanted, from sharing my story, to salvage some good from the bad.  Some hope.  Hope is the key.  I believe with all my heart, that there is always hope.

Love to you

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5 Responses Oct 29, 2011

Yes you have had a bumper year so to speak<br />
As for your grandfather as long as he is in your heart you will remember him<br />
as for future well take one day at a time,if you can do something about problem then do or find some one who can but don't worry as life has a way of working things out!

You pass this year by a terrible amount of proof. Not easy to carry. The only thing I can do for You is send You all my positive thoughts with hope Your bad time is far from You now. Courage, dear friend, live is a long way, more easy if real friends are near You to give support.<br />

Thank you, my dear friend, you always make me smile :) xxx


Sorry to hear life has been so tough but it strikes me that you really are a very strong lady to be handling it and still keeping positive.Good on you!

what an encouraging comment, thank you my love x

So sorry to hear you have had such a terrible year and also with the very sad loss of your lovely grandad. :( Reading your post you sound like you are a very positive and strong person doing the best that you can to overcome adversity. All the best of luck and 'hope' to you for the future. ;)

thank you for your condolences, you're very kind :) love to you, my dear x

I am sorry for the difficult period you are having, especially the loss of one who raised you and loved you unconditionally.<br />
I hope with time you will see that life always gives a chance<br />
for us to experience that which is still precious.<br />
My thoughts are with you.

Thank you, my darling. That means a lot to me, truly xxx