Extreme Dynamic Luxury Ferrari Variety Cooperation Headphones

Extreme dynamic luxury Ferrari variety cooperation headphones

Most of the men on the car will have a unique hobby, even if it can not afford to buy some cars, will make its unique understanding of, and collect the cars. Ferrari is believed to be the favorite of many people, believe that no interpretation of a few than it better, Ferrari fans certainly interested in the will and Ferrari things for the red. Series of headphones shortly before the CES2012, the famous British car audio manufacturer Logic, 3 and Ferrari launched cooperation shall also demonstrated in front of people, from the shape and color of the Ferrari design looks very dynamic, people look put it down.

It is understood that the headphone There are four, including two headphones and two-ear headphones, different styles. These headphones draw a lot of Ferrari design elements, such as the shell of brushed aluminum texture and dynamic color, can see Ferrari dynamic figure. These headphones work fine, you can see the Ferrari logo prominently on the headset, they have been in the Ferrari by logic3 the official website for sale, I believe is a good news for the many Ferrari fans.
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May 7, 2012