How I Am.

I am a good man with a good heart. This is one example of the intimacy and passion I have when I am with someone. Im 28 M here in Illinois. Heres what kind of man I am. Im a one girl guy. Im a good man but Im a bad bad boy lol. In detail here it is. I really love young women who have no idea what the sensual touch of a real man is. I dont care how young you are or what youve done youve had nothing like this. Heres what I would do to you. First off I dont wear condoms because Im allergic and I get tested so recently I know Im clean of HIV and STD's. I love to *** in women or where ever they would like me too as long as they are clean of stds and hiv. If you would like to change anything feel free to make it more enjoyable for you. From start to finish. The very very first thing I would do is hold you tight in my arms, look you in the eyes and kiss you ever so passionately. As I do that I would then start to run my hands up and down your back, caressing you and massaging your shoulders, your entire back upper middle and lower, massage your ***. I would then start kissing your neck and your colar bone along with your shoulders with my hands still exploring and caressing your back area. I would be kissing my way down your body slowly. Your chest, your stomach, your waist line and as I lower myself down your body my hands move to the sides of your body, to your front, and to your legs. I would then work my way up lifting your shirt with one of my hands as I continue to kiss up your body. Slowly pull the shirt off kissing your lips passionately again for a little while. Going back down kissing you with my hands doing what they did before and getting to your waist line I would slowly take your pants off with my teeth. Kiss up your legs as I get back to your waist line and do the same to your panties. Kissing up your legs again and start kissing licking and sucking in the entire area. Your *****, the crevice where between your ***** and your legs meet. Not for very long though since that would just be a taste of thing to come. I would then take you to the bed as I would not have clothes on. have you on your knees while Im behind you and have your back pressed against my chest. My hands would be on the front of your body as they move firmly yet gently up and down the front of your body. From your knees, up your thighs, your stomach. over your chest, to your shoulders and back all the way down in the same way over and over again. While kissing and sucking on your neck, your shoulders and your ears. Eventually while kissing on your ears and your neck one hand will be massaging your chest while the other will be massaging your *****. Fingering rubbing. Using all of my fingers doing different things all at once. Then I would lay you down on your back kiss your legs and lick, tounge, suck, and finger your ***** without stopping (Im like a submarine I dont come up for air). I would keep going untill you demand me to make love to you. I take the head of my **** and put it in you as you lay on your back and start going slowly but fimrly in and out of your *****. In and out slowly getting faster and faster and harder. Putting it all the way in you and keeping it in you as I move my hips up and down and circular while rubbing my balls on your ***** and ***. I would then after a while lift you up and put you against the wall and do the same thing. I would have you on top of me and let you take control. While on top of me I would lift my lower body up arching my back as you raise in the air. Then after a while of that put you in doggy style making love to you as you like it letting me go as deep as I can go. I would have you turn and face me on top again but lay you on your back with my feet under your back supporting you and move myself back and forth allowing my **** to rub up in your ***** untill you came. I would then lay you on your side as I was on my knees and make love to you as you lay on your side as I *** inside of you. I would keep doing any and all of this and even more that you can think of untill you are fully satisfied or untill we both collapse. Hows that sound to you?
EarthBear2784 EarthBear2784
26-30, M
Jan 6, 2013