Are Her Thoughts The Same As Mine?

Today I had my first meeting for some time. It was quite a different experience. I sat there and watched the women in the room. They were all attractive; not necessarily gorgeous or beautiful, but each had physical qualities that I appreciated.

Being involved in EP has really expanded my notion of what women might be thinking, maybe what all people might be thinking. I've never attributed lusty thoughts (such as I might have!) to the women around me before. That might just have been a cultural thing? Society telling me that women don't think like that? But today I really wondered. Especially about the older woman in the room. What thoughts has she had in her time; what might she be thinking now? Has she been able to concentrate on the meeting? or has she been distracted like I have?
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You too eh Pam? A woman with a very healthy mind. I used to just people watch on public transport but now - everywhere!

I'd like to see something creative done with a flex-i-curve. Actually, I have one here...<br />
<br />
As for the agriculturalists, well it's all sex isn't it? That's why people will farm for something less than a decent income ;)

haha you guys... well, we still have some handy equipment at the ready... pens, scale rulers, tight rolls of drawings. Hmmm, and we have these amazing lay out tables that can double their uses...<br />
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But hey, what about farmers astride their harvester, or those working the soil with their hands, pondering the fertilization process... I read the other day folks like that were more likely to be gettin' a lil something else fresh when they came in from the fresh air... :P

Ooooh so all the office naughtiness used to take place around the drawing tables?<br />
<br />
Large LCD monitors, graphics tablets and keyboards are a really poor substitute.

No, no's because they have replaced drawing tables with the CAD programmes and large these poor people have little space to for office naughtiness....

or what they get up to behind closed doors? <br />
<br />
Those drawing tables, sharp pencils, rulers, painstaking linework. Discipline. Competition. Years of study.<br />
<br />
All that creative energy.<br />
<br />
What is the outlet????

and as for those really just never know what thoughts they are having! ;)

lol EH wouldn't it be a clever choice of username if the initials were EP??? We'd be forever confused...<br />
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I wonder if I'd be surprised by how the people I knew from here on EP were in real life?<br />
<br />
and - yes I'm sure we get to see people 'unleashed' here on EP. Good thing, it would be probably quite boring otherwise!

EP has changed the way I see people too. I used to unintentionally slot people into categories: smart, funny, artistic, sensual etc. Seeing into people's thoughts on here, but more so the people I've known (and my own journey) has taught me that most people have many parts to their character and maybe lives. So that stuffy woman might very well be having all kinds of thoughts durign the meeting too... Then again, she might actually be a stuffy old woman. LOL<br />
<br />
The other thing, is that I wonder how much of this that the internet has actually changed. As in, people will do online things they may never contemplate in life... I might write a story on that one.

Yep. It amazes me that women can think the same way (albeit with the corresponding part of the anatomy). Nice to know we are equal, really...

You think you wonder...I wonder about men all the time since EP! I know that it's no secret that men often think through their dicks really do!<br />