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Muscle´s. Simply muscle´s. Sorry, but I´ve always problems to get my breathe again when I see how big and strong male muscle´s can grow up. Generally the fascination of something great, big, strong, which is overwhelming to me. Than - but depending on the type of a man: beards. I don´t like nude faces at males in intimate relationships. And not at least: That he´s able to handle me well - and that he´s going strait to the main thing and not like a shy boy. Yes, and I like males who´re "showing" their bodies - who´re brave enough to wear not such ugly beachshorts as they´re usual today - or who´re wearing a nude chest on a sunny day outside the beach-area. I dislike arrogance, machismo and stupidity - and a male is distroying his image and fascination to me if he´s showing this!

That´s my very own list of what I find attractive in a man - and what not. We human beings are animals - and that is the kind of animal which makes me simply horny. My "type". It´s silly to have such a "type" (to my opinion many women have such "types" where the brain has no chance). I made more than one time the experience that a male who understands it that he´s simply my "type" has a very easygoing with me - a very easygoing:-( In opposite I´ve to be careful to act always ladylike in such cases. E.G. today in the tramway: Sitting alone at my place and thinking at nothing bad at one station a man joined the tramway, came directly to my place and asked me if he can take place next to me. Yes, of course. And: WOW!!! Two metres tall; a very short cutted top hair but a good developed three-days-beard on the stage to become a full beard; a short white t-shirt, unable to cover all this gigantic muscle´s: his neck and arms and chest and stomach and back and... - omg: bycicle-shorts which showed clearly something - very eatable... You can´t imagine what happened with me while sitting next to this totally stranger. I was short before questioning him if I could touch him. He was so much my "type" that I wouldn´t hesitated to "dig him on" equal what he would have thought on me - if we wouldn´t been in a silly tramway. But other women surely would have shaken their heads about me because - he only looks as a bodybuilder is looking like when he´s making his kind of sport for some years - and maybe they´re laughing about me because such a boring guy is able to make a little girl out of me...

So much about this topic...
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There is nothing wrong that you got turned on by this muscular guy that obviously was your "type" :) Btw did you get tingly and even wet looking at him ? That's nothing bad neither :)

Hi! I was very tingling and totally wet - as I´ve said I was short before touching him to feel his muscles and everything else :-). I needed really my good education to stop me. But I don´t think he saw what was going on with me - unfortunately :-(


Obviously you was able to hide your excitement better than we men as we get a ***** when we are so excited as you was then. SO, did you ********** afterwards ? What would you have done if he HAD seen your excitement You would probably had let it to him toi decide what to do, am I right or am I right ?