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The First Thing I Notice Is His Eyes!!!!

WHOA look at the guy in the avatar is that attractive or what!!!!!!!

I WONDER WHAT A WOMAN DOESN'T FIND ATTRACTIVE IN A MAN,LOL.The first thing I notice in a man is he's eyes and his smile,that will tell me right away how friendly he is.Some guys don't even have to smile ,they can just give you a look with those sexy eyes.Here in Texas and in my county the cowboys will tip their cowboy hats and smile or wink their eye.They will hold a door open for a lady,good manners are also very important and a very attractive thing to me.If their not cowboys the regular cool guys tip their heads up and the old fashioned guys tip it down,lol.Either way they say hello,that's the first thing that I find attractive and friendly.This is the most important to me friendliness because I am a very friendly person!!

But of course I notice a man's thighs,I love mens thighs.A friend of mine was teasing me about the fact that I have a thing about mens thighs.He said it was because of what is between the thighs but that's not true.Well not completely,the first thighs I ever noticed were John Lennons thighs and I was about 12 years old.I wouldn't come to realize about my obsession with thighs until my 20's,probably when I got married.That's when I decided how much I loved my husbands thighs and well then you move up higher and you know what's waiting there,hehe,which of course is highly attractive to a woman!!!

I like all kinds of men,they don't have to have the perfect body.I know a man who  has extra meat on his bones and I found him very attractive,why because he is so friendly and good looking.He also makes me laugh a lot,if a man can make me laugh that's another great thing that attracts me.

I love their whole bodies,they can be perfect or not perfect.If their friendly,make me laugh,that's about all I need.If they can sing that's a plus too!!!!



TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 5 Responses Jul 30, 2009

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LOL,hi Comprehensive,where are you finding these men.I used to run into men like this in a bar and they were drunk.Being out and about,most men are very gentlemen like and just friendly.Thank you for commenting!!!

I find it attractive when a man leaves me alone. They can be like feral hounds sometimes. But the quiet guy who keeps to himself will get a hello from me. Sometimes I say hello automatically in response to some mans hello and the next thing I know I've got a fungus in my face yapping in my ear even though I am obviously not interested as I am not answering or acknowledging him. I hate it when men act that way.

Hi Equis,that's me the Texas Naughty girl,lol,who said that!!!!!

Hi TheRealWoman,amen is right,thank you for commenting!!!!!!

Amen, sister!