It's All In The Eyes....

This is something I say a lot, but I don't know if I think about what I mean..... I do think eyes give a lot away, but I think that perception plays a large role in what you see in others. I see myself in quite a negative light, I have for a while now, and I find compliments and positive comments difficult to handle. I tend to brush them aside, or change the subject, rather than acknowledge that someone might have something nice to say about me.

The phrase I have heard most often of late is 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. It keeps coming up in conversations I have, late at night when I can't sleep and my wonderful EP friends from across the pond are sitting on here with me, making me laugh, telling me about their day, and generally being the genuine and thoughful people that made me like them in the first place.

This saying is one I find really difficult to understand. Surely you have to be able to see your own beauty at some point? Or is the beautiful thing the fact that you aren't aware of what makes you beautiful?

These wonderful friends of mine constantly tell me that I am great as I am, but I don't know what they see that I don't. I see a person with flaws, a lot of damage, and a lot of issues, but they look past this and see something different.

So.....what do they see in me? I have no idea, but I enjoy their company, and the way they can brighten up my I guess that I may stick around a while to find out what it is that I do that makes them keep talking to me.

Cause I sure as hell can't see what it is.
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5 Responses Sep 16, 2012

First of all you have a rare gift that not many have and that makes all the difference in life: humility. Because you have that, it makes you want to really know the truth about yourself and others. Most people live in the belief that they already know it all.
That desire to know makes you endearing because you are endeared to the truth you will learn. That means you will come to see yourself, and like yourself. Because of your admitted need to learn, you will be more vulnerable and receptive to what others say is beautiful in you. They will point out things you don't see and you will be able to figure out whether they are speaking truthfully or just playing a game.
Just give yourself at least that much credit: that you have humility. Then let it go Angel, ok?

Wow! You really are an angel! You have another rare trait: gratitude!!
I think I'd like to befriend're sweet!

You are a very deep thinking woman. You probably over analyze a lot of most of us do. As I have mentioned, in the past...we are hardest on ourselves, we see flaws, in ourselves, that others don't see or don't see as flaws. We may not realize that we have a lot to offer, again, because we under estimate our worth. I was first drawn to you by the way you think...I love your logic, your perception, your artistic eye and of course...the way you look.You are a beautiful person, inside and may never see yourself in that light, but believe me...Many, many people do.D

indeed :)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder???? Everyone has their own views and likes what i may like about you the next guy may not, i like your blue eyes the next guy may like green??? From the little that i know you by reading your stories not only are you hurt by someone that does not acknowledge you or refuses to care, but i See i strong woman. With beautiful eyes, very pretty face and if we all put all of our flaws aside those characteristics shine. Don't let anbody tell you otherwise, be patience and everything will work it self out stick around :D