I just thought I would post this for feed back. Just a conversation piece.
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Me too, but I cants seem
Too. I can work out super hard and see no difference

Good religion no control, bad religion control.

You plural? You mean that you wonder what we all think? The whole of humanity? The totality of humanity holds inits collective imagination all of the most horrendous and wonderous, beautiful and ugly, sad and happy thoughts and yet they are only the tiniest wee little spec of the possibility. The limitlessness of possible conception within conscioussness that is what I guess I am thinking about right now.

This is definitely not down my alley, but the words to the songs are pretty interesting.

Culture was the seed of proliferation but it's gotten melded
Into an inharmonic whole, to an inharmonic whole.
Consciousness has plagued us and we cannot shake it
Though we think we're in control, though we think we're in control.
Questions that besiege us in life are testament of our helplessness.

"There's no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end." [(Hutton, 1795]

When we all disintegrate it will all happen again, yeah.
Time is so rock solid in the minds of the hordes but they can't
Explain why it should slip away, explain why it should slip away.
History and future are the comforts of our curiosity but here we are
Rooted in the present day, rooted in the present day
Questions that besiege us in life are testament of our helplessness.

"There's no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end." [(Hutton, 1795]

When we all disintegrate it will all happen again, yeah.
If you came to conquer, you'll be king for a day,
But you too will deteriorate and quickly fade away.
And believe these words you hear when you think your path is clear...
We have no control. We have no control.
We have no control, we do not understand.
You have no control, you are not in command.
You have no control. We have no control.
No control. No control. You have no control.

Begging your pardon...sounds like teenage angst....just saying...a lot of whining with no offer of resolution

No need to beg my pardon. It's not me saying these things, and like I said it's definitely not down my alley!

Yeah, your alley doesn't scare me...it's a nice alley full of wonder and cool stuff.

but there 'are' gutters on both sides! : )

Gutters...nah....safety canals...perspective and perception ;)

Yes sweet.

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In my opinion I see four universally emotionally charged words strung together with the intent to create a passionate reaction. You could replace religion with just about any other word....and the passion stirred could be the much same. To me this piece of art is blatant propaganda designed to perpetuate a feeling of unrest and negativity.

"Art" is meant to pull a response from us....we witness art an attach the meaning...I choose to see my version of the opposite of this artist's intent....GOOD PEOPLE YES FREEDOM.

No offense to the artist, and since art is subjective to the viewer I am going to say as a piece of art this is pretty cheesy and base, reminiscent of an artist who wanted to be a rebel hippy album cover artist but missed the 60's boat.

I believe it is an album cover and "Bad Religion" is name of a band, and "No control" is the name of the album... but you probably already knew that!

Huh? I didn't know that! It did so 'feel' album cover-ish to me:) I was just gonna message you as to it's origins. :) Glad to know it's album cover.

Religion-no control- bad! Religion is supposed to control people, I spent most of my life believing with all my heart that religion motivated and encouraged people to do good things. Clothe the naked, House the homeless. Feed the hungry. Heal the wounds. Cure the sickness. Quench the thirst. Comfort the lonely....visit the prisoner...show mercy and compassion.....Love. What the hell is wrong with us. Why is the devil so much easier to believe in than God? Why does the devil get all the limelight?
Where's god?

God is in you

Who's the devil?

I really love the bright colors against the black. That's not what you meant? Oh... Ok... This sign is vague and doesn't make sense. Shouldn't the words be rearranged to read:


Yeah... I like that better.

That 'does' work.

Now this I understand :-)