I Have Heard These Words.

They were wrong sort of, aren't we all dying?  My first responce was to stay numb, stop at the local graveyard and buy a gravesite, then go home and go to work.

I got up, every morning, and did the best I could, to make sure my children, who were younger at that time, were going to be ok.  I took care of a lot of my familys need at this time, so I knew I had to plan my own funeral.  I did that...20 years ago.

So, since that time, I hae thought about it, and now, I have often prayed, I could go on.  I am ready, tooo tired to fight anymore, and totally unaffraid.

Of course I would tell my loved ones, just how wonderful they are, and how they have enriched my life, I would make sure there was a letter written to my grandchildren.  Kiss my husband, deeply, lovingly, and letting him know, just what he meant to me.

I would thank all those, who had made my life sooo much brighter.  I would be finally at paece knowing it wasn't going to last much longer.  I wouldn't hurt for much longer.  I wouldn't have to have others around me, do ALL the things and see all the things, around me.

I would be grateful.

forceofnature forceofnature
56-60, F
Feb 14, 2009