I would thank God, and cry with relief.  I'm not suicidal, please don't read this wrong.  But I'm so tired of life right now, and I would love to just lay down and die and go to Heaven and be with God for all eternity and not have to deal with **** anymore. 

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I disagree, Comprehensive2. Sorry.

I DIED!...I am here to tell about it!....There is NOTHING to it!

Think so? I was told that I am dying and it changed my life. You think your life is so bad and so hard that you would welcome death? You're better off than a whole lot of other people. You're not some vegetable wasting away in a wheel chair dependent on someone else for everything. You're no an innocent child that is being raped every night. You're not in Iraq getting shot at and blown up. What you have no matter how crappy YOU think it is is LIFE. You should appreciate it. I've got news for you. When you die your body goes into the ground and your flesh will rot. That is all there is to death. Don't fool yourself into thinking that there is more to it than that.