Table Talk?

You walk in the door, tell me to remove my clothes for you, and back me up to the kitchen table...pull the two chairs out and help me up to sit on tell me to place my feet, one on each chair that my legs are open wide for stand between my legs and grab my hair at the base of my neck with one hand...and pull it back to give you easy access to bring your mouth down on mine, for a long deep passionate kiss. Your other hand you place on the side my face...and it slowly travels down to rest on my neck, your fingers wrapping around my throat..caressing it a bit, before moving it down to grasp one breast as you start massaging it very firmly. I can feel the wetness flowing from me, and the fabric from your pants brushes up against my ***** and it feels so good I try to wriggle closer...but you gently push me back and tell me to lay down. My fingers still reach for you as I do, my nails softly scratching the skin on your arms. You tell me to put my arms over my head, and hold onto the tables other edge....and do not let go. You pull up a chair and seat yourself between my legs and start to slowly kiss, and lick...and place little bites all around, but not on my *****....not until I'm wiggling and writhing around on the table. I start to whimper a little and you tell me to shush...and finally you place your wonderful mouth on me...and I moan loudly...finally, your where I longed for you to be! Your tongue moves over me everywhere, pulling my ***** lips into your mouth...moving up and on my ****..flicking your tongue, licking...pulling it in and sucking on me until I'm sure I'll go insane with wanting you! I start begging you.."Please....oh please Sir....I need to ***. I need to *** now..." I hear your muffled response as you pull me closer still, and bury your face in me...your arms wrap around my waist as I let go...and give you all that I have. You rise up, your legs pushing the chair back and you drop your pants to the floor. You grab onto my hips and thrust your hard member into back arches form the sheer pleasure of that wonderful feeling of having you inside of me...filling me..."Ooohh....god....**** me, please Sir...just..**** Please...." my head turns from side to side...I just want you to pound me hard right now! You slam into me harder and feel soooooo ******* good. You grab one of my hands and place it between my legs. I know what you I start to rub my **** hard and fast for you...for us both. I ask you..."Can I Sir? Can I *** now...please?"...You tell me yes, as you can feel yours building as well...and as you're just about ***** contracts around you with my ******...tightening all around you...your head comes up and your eyes you release yourself into me with one final very hard thrust...
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

You ARE good at this ...............;))'re very kind to say so. :)

You like for me to **** you like that, don't you?

No..........I love it. :)

Awesome!!! Table sex scenario a big favorite fantasy of mine. Great job. :)

Thank you very much! I remember yours too, and loved it! There's just something about those tables. :)