I take you back to the bed put you on your back arms over your head and legs spread wide and instruct you not to move.. I plant little kisses all over your body. then I concentrate on your ***** and **** with the magic wand. Removing it before you *** then back again. Then back again. When you ask permission to *** this time I give permission. This time I don't remove it until you've *** as much as you can. I move beside you on the bed and start to ********** but don't allow you to touch me. When I'm about to *** I move over your face. You open your mouth but I say keep it closed. Still not letting you touch me, I *** all over your pretty face. I then give you permission to clean your face with your fingers put it to your lips and tongue.
SerpentsKiss SerpentsKiss
51-55, M
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Mmmm....you must be reading my mind!