A Good Time

I know you have had a long day. I put your collar and leash on you, motion for you to get down on all fours and lead you to the bathroom. I stand you up, tie your hands over your head to the shower rod and, remove your leash. I start to kiss, lick and bite your back and neck. I move my hand down your back and reach between your legs. I rub my fingers over your ***** and find your juices flowing.............you start to moan as I place my hand over your lips and instruct you to lick your juices from my fingers...................

.. I take off my belt so you know what's about to come. You start to twitch with excitement. I start whipping you with my belt from your legs to your back in a way that you've never seen before. The smacks are harder and more severe than anytime before. Distinct red marks appear on your soft skin. Over and over they come faster and harder..........
......your skin feels very tender and burns from your lashing. You turn to look at me with tears in your eyes. I ask if you've had enough. With a whimper you say yes. I put your leash on and untie you. You go back to your knees. I kneel down and kids the tears from your eyes. You did good princess. I motion for you to stand and bend over the cabinet. You spread your arms out and hold on. I **** you hard in your ***. You love this, don't you, *****. I reach around and play with your ****. You beg me to let you ***. I give you permission and as you ***, I *** inside your ***. I instruct you to clean yourself.

....more above.........Back on all fours, I lleadyou to the bed on your back and I kneel down to suck your juices from your legs and *****. My belt again streaks the insides and front of your beautiful thighs. I pick up your wand and start to rub your **** until you're being me for an ******. I take it away. Not yet. I put it back twice more. You're pleasing me to let you ***. I put it back and don't stop until you can *** no more. Your body, with all it's marks is beautiful laying before me. Good job, princess
SerpentsKiss SerpentsKiss
51-55, M
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

A good time with a "good job" from you Sir. What could be better? Thank you. I was hoping for this.