Why I Even Living Right Now?

I constantly wonder why I'm living, I honestly don't give a **** that I'm alive. Why didn't "God" put someone else on this earth who deserves it. I don't see my purpose in life, there for I think I'm better off dead. My best friend just alienated me for my other best friend, let me mention that they don't even go to the same school.. what *******. I already go to a freaking therapist, but I'm just done. I give up, although I have no desire to kill myself. I come home from school and just sit in front of the tv and do absolutely.. I would go to sleep, but I have to wait til my ADHD medication wears off since it's a stimulation medicine. I want to cry all the time because I just hate myself, and I hate everyone around me. I grew up thinking that I couldn't cry because it showed my weak side, so I never did. Not even at funerals, or when one of my close friends got into a long-boarding accident and died last year. And now I've become this person who I hate and I cry and do everything else I wish I didn't. I guess I just needed to vent.. I'm sorry to whoever stumbles upon this.
dirtyheads7 dirtyheads7
18-21, F
1 Response May 4, 2012

There Is A Purpose For You Being Here On Earth.You Just Can't See It But God Can<3