Will It?

I've been in therapy three times in my life. I got a job and am saving money, my priorities go something like this: car, dentist, therapy. At times therapy allows me to wonder if life will get better. I get into moods at times when I know that it won't. That life is just crap and I should get used to it because it will never change. I'm in one of those moods now. Where it seems like I will never graduate from college, will never fall in love, will never have enough money to do anything I want to do, etc. I hate feeling like this, but pretending just makes it worse. So I just have to believe that life will get better.
somewhatlost somewhatlost 26-30, F 2 Responses Mar 18, 2008

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It seems like you are definitely on the right track! Therapy in my experience helps with becoming more capable of happiness. It will probably get better sooner rather than later.

Sometimes it happens that life gets better. But the reason therapy works is not because it changes the circumstances that surround you, but rather because talking to someone about the things you deal with day-to-day can help you find new ways of dealing with those things.