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I tend to be an idealist in that as crappy as my life has been so far, I think it will get better and one day I'll be where I want to be in life.  I don't believe in utopia and I don't think life will ever be perfect but just to a point where I am living a life that is satisfying to me.  I wonder when (or if) that will ever be.  I'm sure trying but I'm not there yet.

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no problem. hope it helps ...

Thanks I will check it out. Appreciate it constant!

Rhonda Byrne is the author ... i think???

the book is called, "The Secret"

here's a key for ya ... don't settle for less but keep in mind that compromise is critical. if you begin to feel that it will never ultimately happen (your ideal) ... make peace with what you have and focus on the positive in your life. if you have a positive focus it will create positive energy and thus attract positive energy. there's a HUGE book on this theory that's out on the best seller list right now (i was told Oprah featured it too) but i can't remember the name of it ... i'm sure it can be found on her site or googled. give yourself time though ... in the greater scheme of things you are still very young and have a whole lotta time to achieve your goals. i know i know ... they just don't seem to happen fast enough. maybe you should re-evaluate them and see if that's what you truly want ... i had to do this once ... i'm and idealist w/ a realist attitude. so it was a difficult thing to reflect on and be honest with myself about, but it was completely worth the effort.

I feel the same way. Only time will tell i guess