My Life Is So Screwed Up, I Fe...

My life is so screwed up, I feel like I did something really horrible in a past life.  If I had a chance to ask "God" one question, i would ask him why he did not give me normal children so that i could  live a normal, happy life...
pevansmum pevansmum
31-35, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2007

Hmmmm. You believe in God, but you hesitate to acknowledge your belief? Deep down inside you expected Him to make things normal and happy for you, and yet you blame yourself for the outcome? Before you approach God to ask your question, you may want to first find out who He is, and what can be expected of Him. I suggest you start in the good old fashioned Bible.<br />
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I know who God is. I talk to Him all the time. And sometimes I'm scared to ask Him questions. But you and I CAN ask Him questions, as long as we're ready to accept His nature and how He might answer them. <br />
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I'm curious, what's not normal with your children?