Where Do Ours Souls Go ?

My father died on March, 10, 1983. Twenty-six years ago today. I have been thinking about my father all day. I have been flooded with memories of my Dad. I have thought about all the things we did together, and all the things I learned from him.

I have also thought about all the things that kept us apart and that made it difficult for me to get to know him better, or for him to get to know me , at all. 

I have this image of my father as a very active,honest, intelligent, compassionate, and emotional man. I think of all the energy he put into his projects, all the enthusiasm he showed when teaching me something, all the passion he had for his hobbies , his friends and his family.

And then one day, he died, suddenly, no warning, no sickness that kept him bedridden,nothing,  just like that , he was gone.

He left me his books and his material possessions , his homemade movies and his writings. I inherited his curiosity to find more about the world around us and his sense for justice in this life.

He has lived on thru me all these years. Even though I swore I was nothing like my father when I was younger, I realize I am very much like him , and I understand a lot better now, many of the things he did , or said, or didn´t say at the time. And I haven´t stopped asking myself, where has my father gone ? And by that I mean, that spark of life that made him be the human being that he was, that energy, that temper, all that effort to become a better man..... where has all that gone? I can´t imagine he lived all those years on Earth and struggled so much to make a decent living and  make sense of his own life,to all of a sudden dissappear taking nothing and becoming just a memory in the minds of people who knew him.

I have sensed his presence many times but I always wonder if that is just me trying to keep his memory alive , or is it really my father living on another level, not physically, but not quite gone forever ?

So, I am asking out loud, where do our souls go after we die ? I don´t know and sadly no one can give me the answer with certainty, but I will always wonder and until I find out for myself what really happens after we leave this Earth, I will tell my father, or the memory that is my father, that I miss him and that I wish him Peace.


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I'm glad I found this post UC. Your father sounds like he was a remarkable person. You were very lucky to have him as your role model. No matter the choices you've made in life, he set the marker so you'd always be respected. What an amazing gift a father is capable of giving a daughter. <br />
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Again, our circumstances in life fall heavily on how we were thought about as a youngster. You couldn't be the loving, protective mother you are today without the love your were given by both your parents.<br />
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This will be a week of "hard remembering" for you. I'll be walking next to you spiritually, along with Mom and Dad. You've been given the strength through their love. Strength does not mean we can't mourn and cry. <br />
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We're all thinking of YOU this week!

Dear friend,<br />
I have the same experience of my dad as you but the only difference between your thought and mine is that I know my dads soul is around. I have had unusual experiences of things that told me he is around for example a mad dog jumped to bite my hand i shouted out dada help at that moment his mouth shut and he left and went, the next day in the news papers I read that a mad dog bit 4 kids in our layout. How can, why would he have spared me??? thats not all I Have hundreds of experiences to tell u that my dad is around and ur dad too is around you just dont question any one, trust me, trust ur dad...he is holding u even now. Vijita

I realize that this is a very old post but Nanci Danison's "Backwards" is a book I found while looking for material to help my Grandma after my Grandpa died after 71 years of them being happily in love (Really-They were my inspiration for being, given my circumstances) and it changed my perspective of Everything life has to offer. I know it's late but I hope it helps.

Mose and Elijah appearing with Jesus was clearly just a vision. Christ made the statement that no one before him had been raised to heaven. Even John the Bapist, he said would be the 'least' in the Kingdom in the sense that he would not go to heaven at all. Jesus was the one that opened the way - the 'first fruits' of those being resurrected. When it comes to the thief - did Jesus really go to his Kingdom that day? Was he not dead for 3 days before God resurrected him? In fact the thief asked him to remember him 'when he would get there', indicating that it would be some time in the future. There is no doubt about the fact that our Creator is going to fulfill his original purpose of having a paradise here on earth. Numerous Scriptures talk about 'the meek inheriting the earth' and enjoying peace on it, forever. You'll find that the notion of 'something' surviving the human body at death is not fron the Scriptures but of pagan origin. Hence resurrection is the only hope we have. In fact, the apostle Paul was talking about it in his letter to the Corinthians saying that if tyhe future resurrection would not take place, we (as Christians) would be the most pitiable people.

Interesting comments!<br />
A mixture of wishful thinking and disbelief.<br />
A few things to ponder: If God created Adam from the "dust of the ground", where was he before he was created? He was just life less dust! So if he the 'returned to dust' at his death, where is he now? Lifeless dust! Non-existent. <br />
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In fact the Bible does not differentiate between living beings and souls - they are the same. (See for example Leviticus 24: 17,18) Hence ex<x>pression in the english language like: "Not a dead soul." Meaning there was no one there, but at the same time indicating that souls die! A dead human = a dead soul. This agrees with the Bible statement (in Ezekiel 18: 4): "The soul that is sinning - it itself will die."<br />
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That does not mean that we are without hope!<br />
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Rather than supporting the doctrine of the immortality of the soul (which clearly has pagan origins), or even the cruel notion that 'God needed another angel' to be with him in heaven (as if he didn't have enough angels already, or as if he didn't care about our feelings and pain - such blasphemy!), the Bible clearly indicates that there will be a resurrection - a return to life here on earth! (See Acts 24: 15)<br />
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Imagine seeing your dear Father again in full health inperfect surroundings! God has promised a time, in not so distant future, when "all those in the memorial tombs will come out". (John 5: 28,29)<br />
<br />
They will come, not to this polluted, crime-filled, inhospitable world that we see around us today. Before the resurrection takes place there is going to be a clean-up. "The evildoers will be cut off... Just a little while longer, and the wicked one will be no more... The righteous themselves will posses the earth, and they will reside forever on it." (Psalms 37: 9,10,29,34)<br />
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It will be a real paradise, just like the one Adam had, covering the whole earth. You see, it would not be prudent to insinuate that the Almighty God changed his mind just because the first human couple failed in their obedience to him, or that he is too weak to do what he intended. What he purposed in the beginning will surely come true! (Isaiah 55: 9-11) People living in perfect happiness on a paradise eath. Imagine: no more death, pain, or crying (only tears of joy!). "The former things have passed away". (Revelation 21: 3-5)<br />
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This is a sure promise of our Creator. It is the only hope that can bring us real comfort. It certainly comforts me, and has comforted millions of others.<br />
<br />
So your Father is not in hell, or heaven, or some kind of 'limbo', but rather he is 'resting' in death, as in deep sleep, unaware of what is going on, awaiting to be woken up, resurrected, in God's due time. Isn't that a relief?<br />
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So hang on there! "Just a little while longer"...

The Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord - our creator. I believe this. I know it is not the popular or scientific belief ... but to me it just makes sense that our souls would desire to be with the one who created them. I lost my mom six month's ago today. I had three long years of watching her die - three years to prepare for it - still, I was not prepared. I don't know if you really can be. But the three weeks prior to her death she talked a lot to her creator. It was different than the moments when she was coherent and talked to us or the moments when she wasn't really coherent due to the seizures ... during those momenst she was far away but lucid. It was a beautiful thing to see - one that would make you believe... just thought I'd share it for what it's worth.

I like your story. I'm not a good writer but this story is somewhat how I feel and can't express. I think souls are over us watching us.

Based on what I know of neuroscience and evolution, I don't even believe we have souls... so I certainly couldn't give you a comforting answer. You'll probably like everyone else's comforting answers more. <br />
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I know there's a tremendous need that almost everyone feels to think that this isn't all there is, but I don't think our needs change reality. I lost my dad when I was 17 and my mom when I was 29. I'd like to think that they aren't completely gone forever, but I can't see any reasonable reason why that would be.

Ur story stirred a similar thought in me. I don't have your tenderness of ex<x>pression so I'm glad that you said the things that I have thought but never expressed. I lost my father when I was young and my younger brother a while ago. I can't answer ur question and worse I don't know if I believe in a soul, or anything for that matter, but I miss them

The only real clue we have is the report that comes back to us from the hundreds, if not , thousands, who have died, went through the tunnel and met with some Devine sprit. I did this and I will die a second time knowing what is waiting for me on the other side. <br />
One more thing, I have heard some people say it is only chemical, whatever. I have made it my business to go back many times since 1956 and I know it is real...DD

I believe the spirit lives on, and in us. It's something beyond our understanding here. Your dad sounds like he was a beautiful man and I think there is a lot of him in you. Just in the short time I've known you, I've seen the same characteristics in you that you described about him.