God Came To Me In 2012

God had left me in a dimly lit room with a very mixed Rubik's Cube for 13 years. The Rubik's Cube was a financial cube to work out. What was worse about this was that the room was very dim, seemingly with dark woods and the dark wood furniture was upholstered with very dark fabrics. I would fiddle with the financial Rubik's Cube of $320 a month after rent and power had been paid for.

In May and June, God said, "Rubik's Cube is over" and turned up the lights in the room and took away the horrible Rubik's Cube. You had to learn thrift and how to save as much as possible with the Rubik's Cube. You also had to learn for years to get really low cost deals with items. These were the lessons that the Rubik's Cube had to offer. The problem was the dimly lit room and the Rubik's cube was in pastel colors. This created a much higher challenge than had the Rubik's Cube been of neon or primary colors, better able to be seen correctly even in a dim room. I felt like crying in that dim room, frustrated with the Rubik's Cube.

He said that you have learned what was needed and you can now leave the room and go to the next room. In that new brightly lit room is quite a bit over $700 dollars a month, every month. I cried from utter joy when I saw what was in this other room.
jmintuck jmintuck
May 19, 2012