I Think I Would Rather Not Know

where I'll be in 10 years. I'll be 50. My life has not gone very well so far. In the past 10 years I got my degree but I've not got a career. I feel like I've failed. I don't have what others my age have. That's why I'd rather not know.

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0 dear me, I am 51. The degree didn't do a thing for me either. Just a piece of paper that says I attended and made great grades. So What? The what part is that I had fun, and made great memories, while doing it. My children are grown. So what? The what part to that is, they have all grown to be pretty good men, not rich men, but good men. <br />
I am just now at 51, figuring many things out about Life. And just how things at 41, that seemed so very important were NOT so important at all, 10 years later.<br />
I am seeing more that as long as one tries to be a good person, at some point in their lives, so that they can look at them selves in the mirror, without a ton of regrets; then making it to 51, is a good thing. <br />
As you age, this may happen for you too. To still have decent health, to have some type of roof over your head, to have food on your table, to have a good pair of shoes and a warm coat. That your family is made up of decent enough people. Then that is pretty much it. And all the fuss and muss of worrying what to do with ourselves, at a younger stage in our lives, was such a waste of time. The most important thing, is that you can look back and say hey I made it through this and that, I may show a few scars but I learned a lot along the way. <br />
Good Tidings on your Path towards 50!

I often share these same feelings. In ten years I will be 51...nearing 52....I, too, have gotten a degree, but it has done little for me, so far. Now I'm planning to go to Law School...something I always wanted to do, but was too afraid to do...plus, I'm leaving Hawaii - no jobs, a lot of discrimination - and going back to Nebraska....I'm not from there, but I spent nearly 20 years & my kids were born there...I know my way around...I'm trying very hard not to compare myself to what others have accomplished, because it's just not an accurate picture. I've made many choices that derailed my "career" in favor of my family....plus, I've had other things to deal with....crazy family, my own illnesses, my irrational fears...life is a process...not meant to be easy, but to reveal the truth...<br />
<br />
Keep your head up and be proud of yourself...You are alive...you have many, many years ahead of you...you can make new choices....best wishes...SS