A Magazine Huh?

My husband has had the same moves in the bedroom for 9 years.  I'm not complaining, they're the moves I picked to be mine forever, right?  And occasionally he dusts off some variations on the old moves which he thinks are new moves...you know anniversary or Valentine's day sex.

The other night he had these new moves.  I mean moves he has never even hinted at possessing.  They were some good moves, but I'm left wondering, after all these years, where does a guy just pick up some new moves? 

So I asked him, "That was new, your girlfriend teach you that?"  He says, I read it in a magazine.  Hmm?

Even though I was pretty clearly a fan of the new moves I haven't seen them again.  Did I offend him?  I was joking about the girlfriend, but do men really get moves from magazines?  What magazines are the moves in, and how can I get him a subscription?  

So where did he really get the moves? 

Mikki Mikki
31-35, F
Jun 18, 2007