i think msp has him tied up in her basement LOL

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
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well she narrowed down the search some Florida isn't that big of a state i'll start looking for her (and MnM too i'm sure she has him locked up somewhere LOL)

Gators ! I was just about to say and she never invites us to visit *sniff, sniff*

there she is now we just have to figure out where she hid him.......you don't think she fed him to the gators???

First of all I'm in Florida, ya dig too deep ya get water so no basements here. :) I'm trying to convice him to visit but afraid he'd never make it back to Cali... maybe no basements but lots of other thoughts <br />

come to think of it i haven't heard from her in awhile either.....maybe she got tired of my whinng :-(