Adonde, Adonde Nuestro Amigo

Get off your rear and get back here!

Your friends miss your presence, and we have presents...

We would like to give you a gesture or two.

What will it take? An earthquake?

Please R.S.V.P.


aftermath aftermath
61-65, F
2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

great piece goes well here ,, some ppl just disappear after u in vest time etc ,, makes u sad ,, b/c u miss them ,, and u are friends than they just stop drift away from u ..

Just spoke to him today and he's actually quite ill with pneumonia right now. He's on his way back to the VA ER for more assistance as he's falling apart. I let him know about this group and he's smiling in Cali! You guys are the best and thank you to Marji for starting it up.<br />
<br />
Now go flood him with stuff to bring him back!