Reminiscing My School Days!!!!!!

How does time change itself and people is no less than a mystery. It certainly has a knack of bringing a mighty change in one's life. Though it cant obliterate one's memories, whether or not they are painful, from one's mind- yet at times it blurs them...
But my school days' memories, even today, are extremely vivid in my mind. If only time was in my hands, I would go back to my school days. I miss those days which have been turned into memories. Memories that will never fade away (as long as i am breathing). It makes me feel so fresh, reminiscing those days, when life was free from all worries, fears and responsibilities (though examinations were and are still deemed to be the toughest part in students' life, they had never been an issue for me). When earning dough was not my subject. When, besides studies, activities like playing, having fun with bunch of friends, bunking classes, spending more time in canteen and library ( where i would hardly read any stuff) were my main concerns.
It seems like all this happened few days back. Even today everything about my school is so apparent in my mind.  
I know those days are gone and will never come back!!!!!!
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

We all miss those days. Life may not have been perfect, but it was so much more simple back then. It was also a lot more fun... but, life goes on; and really, what's the difference between school and real life, anyway? If you think about it, it's basically the same social structure, the same kinds of activities, and the same kind of grading-systems in your jobs. People still skip out on "class" (work), to hang out at the mall. And, there's still always that one weird kid, who likes to screw with peoples' minds all the time. Yup, except for the age and housing differences, it's just like high school...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...we all feel the same <br />
those times..when we were kids r gone..we only have thier memories..and some shadows of littil kid hiding in corner in out heart..waiting for chance to this harsh world<br />
peace :)