Imagining The Day She Walks Into My Life

One day I will meet a very special friend.  She will understand what I have been through, because she has also been through the same thing.  She will respond with passion when I kiss her, because like myself she misses that connection.  I wonder where she is now, and what she is doing?
MaxV MaxV
56-60, M
3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

If she is missing the connection like you then, it doesn't matter where she is, she is feeling the same lost feeling you are and probably looking at the stars wondering where YOU are!<br />
Now we just need the stars to align and for the two of you to meet.<br />
Success stories like that are few and far between but offer hope for the rest of us. Keep looking up..she's there!

I know she is looking my way. I will know her when I see her!

She is looking for you!