Letter to Olly

Olly...it was in those moments, running care free between the fields of dry grass, just behind the fallen ruins of an old barn...do you still feel the sun shining warmly upon our backs, feet soiled by dust, bare, wild and free. Freckled faces, braces and pigtails...wide eyed, grinning as if though time ceased to exist, grazed knees and ripped shorts...I still carried you on my back as we crossed the creek, water splashing as laughter danced between the old oak tree's leaves. Do you remember the sweet smell of blossoms as we played in the orchid? I held your hand, you were so afraid of that old mule papa had grazing in between the apple trees...oh Olly, do you still recall those precious moments? As darnkness settles in between the spaces between us, lingering on each and every unspoken word I still held your hand ever so tightly as I did that day...
LetterstoOlly LetterstoOlly
31-35, F
Aug 22, 2014