Letter to Olly

Olly....do you also find the world just a tad bit less interesting where you are? The loss of color, sensation, taste...no whimsical expressions are left by those surrounding the buffet called life. I sometimes just stare at the daily goings on, parents taking their kids to school, dog walkers breathing in the semi-poluted air as they casually stroll through the park, joggers monitoring their heart rates, the fat little man making a quick buck from his hot dog stand as sweat drips from his fat little face...I sometimes wonder if you still sit and stare into the wide open spaces as we often used to. It all became so dark now, Olly, a filthy glow like smog filled the air, obscuring these images, it scares me, Olly, as you have scared me many times before. To which music genre does the leaves dance and twirl to...you used to hum a melodie so that they didn't feel so alone, I can't remember it anymore as the sound escapes from my chapped lips. Do you still dance as you used to, Olly?
LetterstoOlly LetterstoOlly
31-35, F
Aug 22, 2014